2018 Candidates

Maggie's List financially supports candidates for the U.S. House of Representatives and United States Senate who are committed to avoiding deficit spending, reducing overall government spending, and ensuring a balanced budget. 

Lisa Murkowski

Shantel Krebs

South Dakota
As a fourth-generation South Dakotan, entrepreneur, and former business owner, Shantel Krebs has committed her life to public service. She served three terms in the South Dakota House of Representatives, followed by two terms in the state Senate. She was Chairwoman of the Senate Agricultural and Natural Resources Committee – the first woman to serve as Chair, and served on the
Health and Transportation committees. In 2015, she was sworn in as South Dakota’s Secretary of State, and under her executive leadership, she was able to restore integrity and accountability. As South Dakota’s next Congresswoman, Shantel will work to improve free market health care solutions and cut burdensome regulations to ensure the next generation of Americans the best opportunities.