Press Release

May 21, 2018

Maggie’s List Proudly Endorses Twinkle Andress Cavanaugh for Lt. Governor of Alabama

                         Maggie’s List
Proudly Endorses

Andress Cavanaugh for Lt. Governor of Alabama

                                      A Conservative
Leader Ready to Make Alabama Shine

Maggie’s List, a federal political
action committee dedicated to electing conservative women to office, is proud
to announce the endorsement of Twinkle Andress Cavanaugh for Lieutenant
Governor of Alabama. Twinkle is a conservative leader who is dedicated to ensuring
that there are opportunities for all in the great state of Alabama. 


As the
Lieutenant Governor of Alabama, Twinkle will advocate and fight for jobs.
Twinkle Andress Cavanaugh is committed to bring jobs to Alabama. She
understands the challenges that small business owners face in the Yellowhammer
State. Twinkle has served the citizens of Alabama in multiple capacities. Since
2012, Twinkle has served as the President of the Public Service Commission.
Twinkle has also served in the Governor’s cabinet as a Senior Advisor.


 “Twinkle Cavanaugh is a proven leader who brings
dedication and heart to Alabama,” states Sandra B. Mortham, Chairman of
Maggie’s List and former elected Florida Secretary of State. “We know Twinkle
is the right person to serve the citizens of Alabama because she respects the
need for increased personal responsibility, fiscal conservatism, and will help
move Alabama forward.”


"Since casting my first vote for Ronald Reagan in 1984,
I’ve embraced the conservative principles of smaller government and fiscal
responsibility.  I am honored to be endorsed by Maggie's List, an
organization that shares my conservative values.  As the next Lieutenant
Governor of the great state of Alabama, I will continue to support President Trump,
fight for the unborn, defend our second amendment rights, and rightsize state
government.  I'm very proud to have the backing of a group that advances
my priorities of allowing job creators to flourish, cutting government waste,
and practicing good stewardship.  Together, we will build a brighter
Alabama for our children and grandchildren,” states Twinkle Andress Cavanaugh,
candidate for Lt. Governor of Alabama.


greatest treasure is her family.  She was
raised by her two loving parents, Faye and Joe. 
A graduate of Auburn University, Twinkle Andress Cavanaugh is married to
Jeff Cavanaugh, a veterinarian.  They
have three children and two grandchildren who live in Fairhope.  The Cavanaughs’ are active members of First
Baptist Church in Montgomery, where they teach Sunday School and Jeff serves as
a Deacon.


“It is with great pleasure that Maggie's list has endorsed
Twinkle Cavanaugh for Lt. Governor.  Across the country, Maggie's list has
supported strong, fiscally conservative women that can bring change to
State Government. Maggie's list endorsed candidates that promote fiscal
conservatism, Christian values, less government and personal
responsibility.  It has never been
more important to have women in leadership role in state government to stand up
for constitutional rights and fight for opportunities for hard working families
across the state. Maggie's List is confident that Twinkle Cavanaugh will bring the necessary change to
Alabama, we are proud to endorse her and even prouder to stand with her,” states
Maggie’s List Alabama Chair, Claire H. Austin.


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