Press Release

May 17, 2022

Maggie’s List Announces Four New Endorsements for the 2022 Election Cycle

Washington, D.C. - Maggie’s List, a federal political action committee (PAC), today announces four new endorsements for candidates for federal office during the 2022 election cycle. The organization is proud to stand behind these strong, female candidates who support conservative principles.

Maggie’s List officially endorses the following candidates:

  • Nicolee Ambrose for Maryland’s 2nd Congressional District
  • Cassy Garcia for Texas’ 28th Congressional District
  • Liz Joy for New York’s 20th Congressional District
  • Caryn Tyson for Kansas State Treasurer

“We are proud to welcome these four candidates into our already exceptional group of endorsed women for the 2022 election cycle. As we work to build upon the largest freshman, female conservative congressional class in history, Maggie’s List enthusiastically stands behind this group of strong women who understand that our best future is only made possible with the ideals of fiscal conservatism, small government and strong national security,” said Maggie’s List Chairman Sandra Mortham.

Maggie’s List has seen a dramatic rise in the number of conservative women running for office during the last several election cycles. In light of the #MeToo movement, women’s activism is more important than ever.

According to the Center for American Women and Politics (CAWP), women comprise more than 56% of all voters, but less than 27% of our representation. Maggie’s List’s mission is to equalize those numbers and empower women to take a stand and run for what they believe in.

Leading PAC for Conservative Women Backs Four Additional Candidates for Office