Press Release

December 12, 2017

Maggie's List Proudly Endorsed Leah Vukmir for U.S Senate


December 12, 2017


Maggie’s List
Proudly Endorses

Leah Vukmir
for U.S Senate:

A Proven Conservative with a Record of Reform


Maggie’s List, a federal political action committee
dedicated to electing conservative women to office, is proud to announce the
endorsement of Leah Vukmir for U.S Senate. Leah is a proven conservative who
has helped move Wisconsin in the right direction and will take her conservative
values to Washington.


As a fiscal
conservative, Leah will fight to lower taxes and cut government spending. In the Senate, Leah will push for a tax code that is
simplified, increases competition with other nations, and benefits all
Americans. Leah stood with conservatives across Wisconsin to enact some of the
most sweeping, pro-job reforms ever enacted, including Governor Walker’s
signature Act 10 legislation.


“Leah Vukmir
is a proven leader who has brought so much to Wisconsin,” states Sandra B.
Mortham, Chairman of Maggie’s List and former Florida Secretary of State. “We
know first-hand that Leah is the right candidate to represent Wisconsin in
Washington because she respects the need for increased personal responsibility,
fiscal conservatism, and fairly upholding law and order for the citizens of Wisconsin.”


“I am honored to receive the Maggie’s List
endorsement,” said state Sen. Leah Vukmir, R–Brookfield. “In Wisconsin, we have
been able to turn our state around, making it a more prosperous place to live. I
have worked to hold the line on taxes, help more Wisconsinites find work than
ever before and expand opportunities for education across the state. With
Maggie’s List’s support and the support of many other conservatives, I will
take that same record of bold reforms to the U.S. Senate.”


Leah is a nurse and a military mom who has also served as
state representative and now as assistant majority leader of the Wisconsin
State Senate. Leah received her Bachelor’s degree in nursing from Marquette University and her
Master’s degree from UW–Madison. Leah is a proven leader and reformer. Once Leah’s daughter
entered the public education system, she began to realize that change needed to
be made. While in state Legislature, she has worked tirelessly to break down
walls to ensure that the children of Wisconsin receive the best education by
expanding opportunities such as School Choice. Leah knows the issues that are
impacting the people of Wisconsin. Leah is running to be the voice of those who
feel as if the Washington elites do not have their best interest in mind.


"Leah has
proven herself to be the right person for the U.S Senate. She has upheld
conservative values throughout her time in the Wisconsin Assembly and Senate. I
know for a fact she will take those values and strong leadership to Washington
and make Wisconsin proud,” states current Maggie’s List Wisconsin Chair, Sue


“Leah Vukmir
upholds the values and leadership that Maggie’s List looks for in effective and
principled leaders. As a fiscal conservative, Leah will work tirelessly to make
sure Wisconsin’s future is protected and constitutional rights are upheld in
Washington,” states Sandra B. Mortham.


currently hold only 21 seats in the U.S Senate, according to the CAWP.
Currently five of the 21 women serving as U.S Senators are fiscal
conservatives. This abysmal number is something that Maggie’s List works to
correct by helping to elect fiscally conservative women to the U.S. House, Senate
and state-wide offices.


About Maggie’s List: 

Maggie's List is a
federal PAC created to raise awareness and funds to increase the number of
conservative women elected to federal public office. Since 2010, this national
group of dedicated women have had an outstanding record for endorsing
successful candidates for U.S. Senate and U.S. House of Representatives.
Maggie’s List supports women candidates who stand for fiscal conservatism, less
government, more personal responsibility and strong national security. For more
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