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March 14, 2018

Maggie's List Proudly Endorses Beth Lindstrom for U.S Senate


March 14, 2018


Maggie’s List
Proudly Endorses

Beth Lindstrom
for U.S Senate  

A Conservative
with a Record of Problem Solving Ready to take on the Washington Elites


Maggie’s List, a
federal political action committee dedicated to electing conservative women to
office, is proud to announce the endorsement of Beth Lindstrom for U.S Senate.
Beth Lindstrom is a strong conservative leader who will tackle issues in Washington
with an entrepreneurial spirit and a manager’s eye.


a small business owner, Beth knows the impact that taxes and unnecessary
regulations have on businesses and families. As a fiscal conservative, Beth
will work in the Senate to reform tax regulations and ensure that Massachusetts
families voices are heard in Washington. Throughout her career, Beth has been a
conservative leader. She was the first female to serve as the Executive
Director of the Massachusetts Republican Party. 
Beth also served on Governor Mitt Romney’s cabinet as the Director of Consumer
Affairs and Business Regulation.


Lindstrom is the right candidate to challenge and defeat Senator Elizabeth
Warren,” states Sandra B. Mortham, Chairman of Maggie’s List and former Florida
Secretary of State. “Beth understands the need for increased personal
responsibility, fiscal conservatism and less government. Beth will uphold our
values in Washington and will make the conservative citizens of Massachusetts

"I am honored to
accept the endorsement of Maggie's List and thankful for its work in supporting
fiscally conservative leadership for federal office. I am running because I
believe in a brighter future for all of us where we work together instead of in
opposition to each other, where we treat each other with respect instead of
disdain, and where and where we focus on our common interests rather than
cynically exploit our differences,” states Beth Lindstrom, candidate endorsed
by Maggie’s List.

Beth isn’t your
typical career politician. Beth has worked her entire life to solve problems
and better the environment around her.  Beth earned her BA from the University of Connecticut and
received her Master’s in Business Administration from Northeastern University. Beth
is a small business owner, community leader and a proud mother of three boys.


“Thank you to Maggie’s List for endorsing Beth
Lindstrom for US Senate!  Massachusetts is fortunate to have a candidate
like Beth, taking on anti-business Elizabeth Warren.  Beth is a smart,
hard-working, small business owner, who has spent her career managing various
government agencies, and her businesses.  As the former Chairman of the
MassGOP, I know what it takes for a candidate to win...Beth has what it takes,”
states Maggie’s List Massachusetts chair, Jennifer Nassour.


About Maggie’s

Maggie's List is a
federal PAC created to raise awareness and funds to increase the number of
conservative women elected to federal public office. Since 2010, this national
group of dedicated women have had an outstanding record for endorsing
successful candidates for U.S. Senate and U.S. House of Representatives.
Maggie’s List supports women candidates who stand for fiscal conservatism, less
government, more personal responsibility and strong national security. For more
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