Press Release

October 11, 2018




A Registered Nurse and Attorney Ready to Serve Connecticut


Washington,D.C. — Maggie’s List, a federal political action committee (PAC) dedicated to electing fiscally conservative women to federal office and statewide executive office, is proud to announce today that they have added Sue Hatfield and her campaign to be the next Attorney General of Connecticut to their list of endorsed candidates for the 2018 cycle. Once elected to Attorney General, SueHatfield will be the first conservative to serve in this position since 1954.


The2018 field of endorsed candidates is based on extensive research, evaluation, and grassroots knowledge. Special attention is given to open seat and challenger candidates running in viable districts. Unlike political parties,Maggie’s List takes a stand in primary elections, when help is essential, and continues that support into the general election cycle.


Asa registered nurse and an attorney, Sue Hatfield has spent her life serving those around her. Since 2005, Sue Hatfield has served as a state prosecutor with the Connecticut Division of Criminal Justice. Throughout her career, she has fought to keep and make Connecticut a safer place and was the first prosecutor to receive a conviction for the completed crime of human trafficking under Connecticut’s criminal statutes.


“Sue Hatfield is a proven leader who brings so much to the State of Connecticut,” states Sandra B. Mortham, Chairman of Maggie’s List and former elected Florida Secretary of State. “Her service inConnecticut, coupled with her relentless leadership and desire to work on issues that directly impact citizens and businesses in the Connecticut, make her the right choice. We know she is the right candidate to serve as AttorneyGeneral because she respects the need for increased personal responsibility, fiscal conservatism, and fairly upholding law and order for the citizens ofConnecticut.”

"It's an honor to receive the endorsement from Maggie's List," said Hatfield. "Margaret Chase Smith was a pioneer in her leadership in Congress. I am looking to follow in Maggie's footsteps and become the first woman elected as Attorney General,” states SueHatfield, candidate endorsed by Maggie’s List.


Hatfield continued,"We need more strong independent-minded women running our state government. As a mother, wife, lawyer, and nurse, I understand what working families have to go through, especially in Connecticut, to make ends meet. As the next Attorney General, I will fight for working families and make sure our state government is fiscally responsible and helps those that need it the most."