Our Leadership

Board of Directors

Maggie's List Board of Directors plays a crucial role in determining the mission of Maggie's List, ensuring that the organization continues to support and promote quality conservative women running for public office. The Board includes the officers and individuals listed below plus all the State Chairmen listed below.

Sandra Mortham, Chairman
Sue Lowden, Vice Chairman
Becky Johnson, National Finance Chairman
Annette Meeks, Secretary
Lt. Governor Jennifer Carroll - Florida
Senator Denise Grimsley - Florida
Christina Johnson - Florida
Anita Mitchell - Florida
Wendy Pepe- Florida
Leslie Saunders – Florida

State Chairs

The grassroots knowledge and political savvy of our state chairwomen is a key pillar of Maggie’s List strength and success.

Alabama- Claire Austin
Alaska - Cathy Tilton
Arizona - Lisa James
Arizona Co-Chair - Tiffany Shedd
Arkansas - Sharon Stuthard
California - Teresa Hernandez
Colorado - Brita Horn
Connecticut - Liz Kurantowicz
Florida - Carole Jean Jordan
Georgia - Suzi Voyles
Illinois - Laura Anderson
Indiana - Anne Hathaway
Iowa  - Gwen Ecklund
Kansas - Becky Johnson
Kansas Co-Chair - Sara Hart Weir
Kentucky - Vickie Glisson
Maryland - Delegate Kathy Szeliga
Michigan - Theresa Mungioli
Minnesota - Annette Meeks
Mississippi - Sally Doty
Missouri - Carrie Almond
Nebraska - Lisa May
New Hampshire - Jan Face Glassman
New Jersey- Rosemary Becchi
New York - Joyce Giuffra
New York Co-Chair - Chele Farley
New Mexico - Tina Dziuk
Nevada - Sue Lowden
North Carolina - Martha Jenkins
Ohio - Meredith Freedhoff
Oklahoma - Brenda Barwick
Oregon - Linda Neace
Pennsylvania - Christine Toretti
South Carolina- Beverly Owensby
South Dakota - Mary Jean Jensen
Tennessee - Sharon Boreing
Texas - Lisa Fortson
Texas Co-Chair - Susan Narvaiz
Virginia - Tina Ramirez
Virginia Co-Chair - Wendy Gade
Washington - Diane Tebelius
Washington, D.C. - Carrie Coxen
West Virginia - Beth Bloch
Wisconsin - Robin Moore
Wisconsin Co-Chair - Leah Vukmir
Wyoming - Jan Larimer
National Spokesperson - Lt. Gov. Jennifer Carroll


Maggie's List was founded in 2010 by a group of women with a fiscally conservative economic vision and led by Sandra B. Mortham, former Florida Secretary of State.

Judith Albertelli
Donna Allocco
Judy Arranz
Beverly Austin
Margaret Barton
Marsha (Marty) Bowen
Nancy Bradley
Congresswoman Ginny Brown-Waite
Jerry Buchanan
Lt. Governor Jennifer Carroll
Dianne Costa
Rep. Faye Culp
Sen. Denise Grimsley
Rep. Gayle Harrell
Elvira Hasty
Congresswoman Lynn Jenkins
Mary Jean Jensen
Becky Johnson
Christina Johnson
Carole Jean Jordan
Shakra Junejo
Jan Larimer
Pixie Livingston
Kathy Mears
Anne McWhorter Fanelli
Deborah Mortham
Sandra Mortham
Rep. Jeannette Nunez
Yvonne Opfell
Katie Orrico
Rep. Kathleen Passidomo
Katie Posey
Leslie Saunders
Patricia Schwartz
Linda Teetz
Jean Thrasher
Nancy Torchia Riley
Borah Van Dormolen
Nancy Watkins
Rep. Dana Young