Press Release

October 4, 2022

Maggie’s List Colorado backs Barbara Kirkmeyer

Maggie’s List Colorado – headed by Colorado conservative leader Brita Horn – is backing the campaign of Barbara Kirkmeyer in Congressional District 8 with their first ever donation to a Colorado congressional candidate.

In Denver on Friday, Brita Horn presented a check to Kirkmeyer at an event attended by some of Colorado’s top conservative women. Maggie’s List has also endorsed Heidi Ganahl, Pam Anderson, and Lauren Boebert in 2022. An endorsement from the organization showcases their belief that these women support the Maggie’s List mission to promote fiscal conservatism, less government, more personal responsibility and strong national security.

“This is the first time Maggie’s List has funded a Colorado Congressional candidate, and I could not be more proud to bring more conservative funds into our state,” Horn told Campfire Colorado. “Having common sense women leaders representing our communities across the state is paramount. We are listening to urban, suburban and rural moms and it’s time for us to have leaders that represent them nationally and across the state.”

Founded in 2010, Maggie’s List is a Federal Political Action Committee created to raise awareness and funds to increase the number of conservative women elected to federal public office.