Press Release

August 17, 2020


Washington, D.C. — Maggie’s List, a federal political action committee (PAC) dedicated to electing fiscally conservative women to federal office and statewide executive office, is proud to announce the endorsement of Julie Hall for Massachusetts’s 4th Congressional District.


ColonelJulie Hall is a veteran, patriot, and a proud mother who understands that the citizens of the 4th district are not concerned with parties or labels, but shared dreams and values.  As a Colonel in the United States Air Force,Hall learned valuable leadership skills that she will bring to Congress. 

“Julie Hall is a proven leader who will be a force in Washington. Her relentless work ethic, along with her fiscal conservatism and service to our country, make her the right individual to lead and represent Massachusetts’s 4th district,”states Sandra B. Mortham, Chairman of Maggie’s List and former elected FloridaSecretary of State.


After retiring from the Air Force, Julie served as a City Councilor in Attleboro, where she advocated for small businesses and stood up for Veterans. She is deeply involved with her community, especially the organizations and programs not well supported by federal, state or local funding. In 2014, Colonel Hall was named Massachusetts’ Outstanding Woman Veteran of the Year for her support and advocacy for Veterans.  Continuing the opportunity to champion Veteran causes, she was appointed to the Governor’s Advisory Council on Veterans Services.  She was also a recipient of the MassachusettsUnsung Heroine Award for her active community involvement.

Despite many accomplishments in her career, Julie is most proud of her family. Her son Michael and daughter-in-law Emily both served in the military and deployed overseas in defense of our nation.

“I admire the courage of Maggie Chase Smith who was a powerful role model so desperately needed by women. I could not be more honored to receive this endorsement for all its meaning as I would like to believe this is how I live my life and what I hope to impart to women, as well as earn the respect of all those I continue to serve,” states Hall